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You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be

It’s hard to complain right now. It’s about 0530 on a Sunday before the kids get up. I’m warm and comfortable drinking coffee in front of something that both brings me joy and income. It is hard to think I should be anywhere else. Maybe the gym though. But the sad thing is, only probably about 5% of my day I have this feeling. The rest of the time I’m constantly pinging. Thinking about how late I am on the road to get somewhere, or is this really what I should be working on. Being more Stoic I wrote in...


True North

By the time I write this and for sure by the time I post this, the majority of people will have given up on their 2020 New Years Resolutions. 60% actually. I found a USA Today article from 2019 saying that January 17th IS THE DAY. If you can’t carry your new habit(s) for more than 3 weeks, try again next year I guess. I stopped resolving to do anything probably over a decade ago. For part of that, I still called them resolutions. At some point, shortly after college, I looked at the creation of resolutions as a flawed...