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Delivery Day Field Manual for Dads

The one item I forgot to put in my recently written — ‘Survival tips for new or expecting dads‘ and it wasn’t until after I published it that I realized I had forgotten to include this important tip. Though optional, probably the most important of them all regarding the actual delivery of the baby. While my previous post focused on some pre-arrival education and gadgets that could be used once the baby is home, this post will focus on those intense hours of labor and the ONE THING a dad can do to make it a much better experience for...


Survival tips for new or expecting dads

A dear friend (basically a brother) recently informed me he and his wife were expecting their first baby. I’m very excited for them. I’m excited when any of my friends are expecting but this is unique. This is the first of my friends to have a newborn after I’ve had some experience. Still, I hardly have it together — but some experience. After having 3 of my own (one within the last 3 months) a big part of me enjoys the thought of someone else struggling through sleepless nights, awkward diaper changes, and all the other chaos that goes with...


Be more

At the beginning of the year, it’s pretty hard to not want to DO more. Extrapolate that to the beginning of a decade. Not only do you have a whole year ahead of you to start out on a journey of self-improvement, business or personal growth, and possibly even weight loss, you now have a whole decade to bookend. I turn 35 this year. It would be pretty easy for me to say all the things I’d like to accomplish before 45. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done that to some extent, everyone should be looking out that far. More...