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This is the year – 2021

Ahh… the obligatory new year — new me blog post from a half-assed blogger. Just kidding. While many are potentially already in bed, watching TV, or partying it up, I’m wrapping up some consultant work for a customer and closing out an invoice that is rounding out a $1500 month. That doesn’t seem like much but that is above and beyond my full-time employment. As I sit here, T-4 Hours until the end of this crazy ass year, enjoying one of the last few beers for likely the next 60 days, watch my wife do her nails, I’m trying to...


Be more

At the beginning of the year, it’s pretty hard to not want to DO more. Extrapolate that to the beginning of a decade. Not only do you have a whole year ahead of you to start out on a journey of self-improvement, business or personal growth, and possibly even weight loss, you now have a whole decade to bookend. I turn 35 this year. It would be pretty easy for me to say all the things I’d like to accomplish before 45. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done that to some extent, everyone should be looking out that far. More...


True North

By the time I write this and for sure by the time I post this, the majority of people will have given up on their 2020 New Years Resolutions. 60% actually. I found a USA Today article from 2019 saying that January 17th IS THE DAY. If you can’t carry your new habit(s) for more than 3 weeks, try again next year I guess. I stopped resolving to do anything probably over a decade ago. For part of that, I still called them resolutions. At some point, shortly after college, I looked at the creation of resolutions as a flawed...