Tactful Cloud

At the beginning of 2019 I officially launched again in a business capacity to consult, provide support, and training for cloud technologies and administration. I want a platform that could support the sharing of free and paid content that will help inexperienced technologists tackle the challenges of managing cloud applications, networks, and SaaS services.

My goals are:

  • to share solutions that help administrators think outside the box
  • design systems and processes that empower organizations to rapidly adapt to cloud
  • offer unique ways to accomplish the mundane tasks of systems administration
  • create practical courses and content that help novice individuals safely and securely utilize the best cloud and native applications successfully in their life and business

Tre Ministries (board Member)

I first volunteered my time and experience to help this nonprofit with their technology needs, whatever they may be. I wanted to make myself available for support on the hard things and allow them to leverage me for no cost instead of having to pay for things that could be relatively simple in the long run. Not long after my first few hours of help I was asked to be on the board.

Since I’ve:

  • helped strategized the migration of the website to a membership model
  • registered the non-profit to be able to take advantages of TechSoup offerings
  • deployed communications tools and GSutie to enable collaboration
  • documented and organized procedures for systems being put in place

Go Hack Something

I am a co-host on this podcast about educating on technology. Our goal is to get more kids interesting in technology and show them how it get started. Everyone can learn something from the our show. Our focus is to bring inexpensive and readily available resources to educators and parents.
If educators and parents learn along the way, we’ve done our part.

 In this podcast we discuss:

  • how to get parents more involved with their children and technology
  • resources to use and ways to get started programming and building
  • what should be the focus of study for learning new technologies

The Technically Living Podcast

I use this podcast to record and share my thoughts on technology through audio. Technically Living is a fun way for me to provide free information and feedback about the tools and resources I use daily as well as learn a new trade in the process.

 In this podcast I:

  • share technology news, tips, and resources
  • interview people just like you who find unique and interesting ways to use technology in their day-to-day life.
  • investigate ways to introduce technology into our lives to help make us more productive, organized, and equipped to achieve our goals in all aspects of life.

After over a year of recording 30 episodes, and over 6000 downloads I decided to postpone recording new episodes to dial in on an even more niche topic better aligned with my personal goals. New episodes are few and far between.

I.T. Consulting

For years a had a computer and internet consulting business where my main focus was to help people better utilize technology in their life and business.

Here I helped people:

  • configure and migrate to cloud solutions for backup, development & testing, web hosting, and remote computing
  • create and host web pages, e-commerce sites, or personal blogs using Squarespace, WordPress, or sites like Shopify
  • better understand technology and get organized through videos, product reviews, tutorials, and training

In October of 2017, I folded up shop to begin focusing more on life and family oriented personal goals as well as to re-align my passions with new offerings.

Web Apps

I create web pages using nearly any platform (Squarespace, WordPress, Shopify, etc) to help you get your idea online, collecting prospective customers, or just sharing your thoughts.

I am a Squarespace Circle professional so if you like this web page and would like to snag your own little corner of the internet by creating a personal page, blog, or online store to sell products, contact me. Squarespace is an amazing tool, easy to use, keep up to date, and provides everything you need to get started.

Yes… A school bus really did hit my home. Check it out.

Alexa skills Development

While attending AWS re:Invent in 2016 I became very interested in the Alex Skills Development Kit. I started playing around and created a skill for my first podcast. Because of the time requirement, it is very immature but gave me a good foundation and understanding of what is required to build a skill. 

Skills are easy to make. We will be seeing more and more being developed and shared. Skills will get much more complex and will help do so many things in our lives. 

After realizing this I have started working on an interface to make the development and updating of skill content so easy you can do it from your phone. This is just me playing around a little bit because there are many different ways this can be accomplished but most are a little more difficult for someone just starting out.

Flipping Mobile Apps

I have acquired, monetized, and sold mobile apps and games. I can help you get your big idea into the app store(s) or help you find a property that interests you that you could possibly flip to start making a profit.

I currently have two Mobile Games in the App Store(s)

Baby Cool World (iOS) | Technology Jump (iOS & Android)


In 2015 I started working on a website that would help generate an online community of entrepreneurs helping each other build on their business ideas, products, and services. Pivot Place was designed to be a social website where entrepreneurs could collaborate on and grow their business ideas and products as well as find other skilled entrepreneurs to work with or join their team. The idea may have been a little before its time and lacked the attention (marketing) it needed to grow. Since creating and pitching my version of the site, many similar sites have sprouted and have started to gain popularity.

Mobile app development (FanGram / CliqFindr)

FanGram was an attempt at a mobile application designed to allow fans of sports teams to share their game day experience so other people can get a better view of the game from home, on the go, and in the very same stadium. FanGram was a great idea that lacked rapid execution and faced many challenges with Trademark competition as well as a competing service that beat FanGram to the market.

Another app, CliqFindr, was a social – location – mobile (SoLoMo) I started in late 2011. The concept was today’s version of Facebook’s location-sharing feature inside of their Messenger app. Only on steroids. Another application WAY ahead of its time AND my learning curve. Through I had a success in creating a functional MVP, most of my friends, family, and colleges were not ready in the culture to share such information so openly and didn’t totally grasp the concept of why you would want to.