January 1, 2020

Perfect Vision in 2020

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Ah yes. New year. New me. New post. Same old bullshit.

But this year is different right? Not really. Maybe a little.

In the past, I’ve written posts kicking off every year on or around the 1st with the intent to write and share more on my personal page. Ultimately I end up with 2 to 3 posts for the whole year. Most of which I feel somewhat embarrassed by, not sure why, and take them down.

The reason I don’t write very many posts here is that I realize how little value they provide. Not only that but I don’t really have a direction I am taking any of them to achieve anything. It’s not that I just do nothing the whole year. I end up taking that focus and energy to work on things that might actually help people. Like Tactful Cloud. However, something possesses me to continue to keep this page alive and share different points as if I’ll find some direction at some point.

I recently had to move my website to a new host. I took the opportunity to give it a new look & feel and launch it with this post on Jan 1, 2020.

What do you think?

It still need quite a bit of work. During this process, I’ve transitioned as many of the previous blog posts I’ve written as I can. There was one point a few years back where I literally nuked everything but I have a couple dozen left. Some of those posts that I feel may have a small bit of value or vulnerability in them that are worth resharing, I sprinkle back into this blog over time. Some might pre-date this flagship post. Others might be tweaked or updated and re-shared after. At which point I will indicate it is a previous post re-shared.

Going forward I do plan to write a little more. I haven’t made that a resolution. I don’t make resolutions. I set goals to move me in a particular direction. I will probably share some of those goals and why they are important to me as well as progress. I’ll also share my lessons learned and thoughts on fatherhood and life.

Why do I think I’ll be better this year with writing?

2020 is the year I turn 35. I’ve set an ambitious goal to be financially independent by 35. I’m quite optimistic I’ll be on the way within 6 months, but I won’t be 100% independent. And that’s ok. A copout I supposed, but because of the current chapter of life I’m in, I intend to be working for someone else for a while. What I’m doing on the side is me sharpening the saw and doing something I enjoy with the little spare time that I have.

Anywho, this post is long enough. Another goal is to keep them short so they are easier to complete and digest.

Stay tuned. Have a great year… If you don’t hear from me again.


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