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This is the year – 2021

Ahh… the obligatory new year — new me blog post from a half-assed blogger. Just kidding. While many are potentially already in bed, watching TV, or partying it up, I’m wrapping up some consultant work for a customer and closing out an invoice that is rounding out a $1500 month. That doesn’t seem like much but that is above and beyond my full-time employment. As I sit here, T-4 Hours until the end of this crazy ass year, enjoying one of the last few beers for likely the next 60 days, watch my wife do her nails, I’m trying to...


I’m a fraud

If you’ve ever tuned into the personal growth space or the small-business/start-up ecosystem you’ll hear people say something about feeling like an imposter, or not being deserving of what they have or have accomplished. The official term being ‘imposter syndrome.’ It’s quite interesting actually. Anyone who feels this way says all the same things. Up until the last few years, I’ve been so arrogant to a degree, I haven’t even realized this should be something that was affecting me as well. Maybe arrogant isn’t the correct term. Ignorant for sure. I haven’t accomplished something on my own to the extent...