January 21, 2020

Be more

Listen to this post

At the beginning of the year, it’s pretty hard to not want to DO more.

Extrapolate that to the beginning of a decade. Not only do you have a whole year ahead of you to start out on a journey of self-improvement, business or personal growth, and possibly even weight loss, you now have a whole decade to bookend.

I turn 35 this year. It would be pretty easy for me to say all the things I’d like to accomplish before 45. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done that to some extent, everyone should be looking out that far.

More importantly than what we can accomplish though, is who we can become.

It’s much easier said than done I know.

Closing the laptop lid in the morning when the kids wake up, putting the phone away from 5-8 PM, and being more present at the dinner table.

These are all things that net happier and more productive children. I don’t need to read the peer-reviewed studies to know those things will have more of a positive impact on the world than anything I accomplish for myself or my bank account.

One thing I know I can be more of is a listener. Instead of sometimes being in the car, just needing a moment of silence, listen to the curiosity of my boy and making sure to not take that away from him. Give him all the answers he needs to fuel his curious mind.

Be more patient. Be and give more as a husband. Be more of a present father. Be a more connected friend. Be a more helpful stranger.

What can you be more of?


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